All our custom built screens are built to measure and made in-shop, by our Certified craftsmen.
This you may think this is a walk in the park……Think again; We build all our products to the highest standards.
This is what We do, and this is how We do it.
After YOU our customer have called us, and or come to our showroom and placed an order.

This is what we do:

1) We take your Contact info; IE.) Your name, Signature, Phone number, optional email, and your deposit.

Wizard Screens Victoria Custom WIndow Screen

2) If you have a screen to be repaired or replaced, we will ask what you wish us to do; depending on what condition it’s in and what you want.

3) If you want you to just repair your screen we will disassemble it. We will remove the old damaged screen and its “Spline”(black dense foam cord used to hold the screen mesh in place). Then we replace it with new screen mesh (see types available) and re-spline your screen; The whole time making sure that there is no “Bubbles in the mesh” or “Bulges” in its frame.

4) If you want us to Build you an entirely new replacement (providing that you have brought the old screen in with you), If not we will come out to your location and measure it for you ($75.00 service fee for coming out and measuring).

5) We will measure out your frame and fabricate a new one out Extruded Aluminum Bars, cut to measure and fit. Then we add our joints and check our work, then we measure out the length of screen we need and Spline it to fit. And finally add any extra parts, like Wickets.

6) Then, one last check for warping or damage. Fill out and complete our work order and get in contact with you for pick up.

(Pet mesh*, Solar mesh*, No-see-um mesh*, or Standard mesh) *cost extra.