All our custom fabricated screens are custom made to measure at our well equipped and stocked local shop, by our certified Wizard Technicians.

It may appear at first glance quite simple to fabricate window and door screens to fit properly, fasten well and remove easily. As well it may seem to be inexpensive to build them to highest standards, so they endure for the life of your windows.

Please consider the following which outlines what we do, and how we do it.

Let’s presume you our valued customer call us, or come to our showroom, to view all the options, then place an order….

We invite you, before coming to our shop or calling, to please read all of the following information.

Thank you from the Wizard Team in Victoria!

here are the steps our Screen Wizards take to look after your screening needs as best we can:

1. A Wizard staff member takes your contact information : your name, phone numbers, address, area in Victoria, billing address if different and email address

Wizard Screens Victoria Custom WIndow Screen

2. If you have a screen to be repaired or replaced, we note specifically the work you require; advise what is possible, outline options in mesh, screen bar colors, fastening hardware, advise depending on the age and condition of your screens, as well as the degree of work you require from simple re-mesh, repair or replacement with a Wizard top screen.

3. Note we do expect screens brought into our shop will be clean and sanitary for our Technicians to handle. Additional time and charges to clean them do apply.

4. With an order to replace parts, including mesh, and repair your screen, we will first disassemble your screen. Typically we will remove the old damaged mesh and its “spline”(black dense foam cord used to hold the screen mesh in place). 5.We then we replace t with new screen mesh (note there are many types available including tuff, solar and no-seeums (to screen out small flying insects).

Note we use only Phifer Brand screen meshes, as they are top North American quality and robust, so last a long time.

5) We will measure out your frame and fabricate a new one out Extruded Aluminum Bars, cut to measure and fit. Then we add our joints and check our work, then we measure out the length of screen we need and Spline it to fit. And finally add any extra parts, like Wickets.

6. We then re-spline your screen, ensuring that there are no “bubbles” in the mesh or bulge in the frame bar. We use special tools and a screen making jigs and tables to accomplish this to the highest standard.

7. We can also fabricate new, usually better replacement screens (providing that you have brought in the old screens with you).

8. When you do not have existing screens on your windows, or if they are missing, we will come out to your home or business, measure them for you ($75.00 minimum service fee for coming out and measuring, which we waive in minimum orders of $150 in screens, usually 4 or more window screens ).

Our Wizards specialize in accurately measuring, fabrication and installation top quality, robust new window screens, for your entire home, for any windows, new or old that are without screens, using the best available materials outlined.

For example we can custom fabricate screens for your skylights to your exacting requirements.

9. We will determine what screen options are possible and discuss this with you, then place each window screen order and its location in your home on our order form. We provide a copy of this for you with all order details, terms, conditions and pricing.

10. Once we measure in your home, our Screen Wizards then return to our shop to fabricate new ones, using our exclusive extruded aluminum bar (various colors and types). Typically the screen bar we use is 4 times stronger than most bar we see in screens brought to our shop or repairs. Also, we use correct matching corners for strength and retaining shape.
Then we cut to measure, spline in mesh as well as add required mounting hardware.

11. For some windows with handles within the meshed area, we add a second mini-screen, called a wicket with its own hinged door so you can reach through the screen to open and close your windows.

12. As an additional step another Wizard employee checks for a quality finished product to our mutually agreed upon order specifications.

13. Once our Wizard Fabricator completes completes your work order and passes it to our Wizard Installation Scheduler / Office Manager, you are promptly contacted for pick up, or to book a mutually agreeable Installation time.

14. Please note Wizard screen making involves exacting custom work, where windows and sizes differ widely,. Therefore we require a minimum 50% deposit (cash, cheque or debt card preferred) before work commences.

15. Also, please note also remaining balances are required upon pick up or satisfactory installation.

16. We guarantee our work to be free of defects and to be of the highest standards.