Over the years, homeowners and businesses have moved their attention to an outdoor living lifestyle where outdoor patios and decks have grown in size and sophistication. Decks now commonly run the full length of the house with multiple levels which include built-in hot-tubs, outdoor fireplaces, and are accessorized with expensive furniture and even complete outdoor kitchens.

The outdoor deck has become a key entertainment center for many families, but consequently, so has the health threat of cancer from increased UV exposure. This has created a demand for shade products to go with the deck as evidenced by the continued growth of the shade canopy market.

Now with Wizard’s Pergola, there is a solution that addresses the needs of these outdoor living spaces and the people that use them. No longer are you limited to small outdoor spaces attached to your home, umbrellas that offer little to no protection, or products that do nothing to enhance your outdoor living experience. With Wizard, you can finally have it all.

Product Benifits

Cover your deck or patio with retractable shade that attaches to your new or existing pergola, patio cover, trellis or arbor.

  • Remote control
  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Stay Dry
  •  User Friendly Design
  • Highly Flexible Assembly
  • Retractable
  • Improves Home Value


Choices for Extras

Floor Sleeves, Galvanized

Floor Sleeve Covers

Box-Side caps

Frame Colors



Length: Min 200 cm/ 6’7″           Max 700 cm/ 23’0″

Width: Min 200 cm/ 6’7″            Max 700 cm/ 23’0″