SecuraView: Security Screen

SecuraView: Security Screen

About Our Product

SecuraView security screens are constructed with high tensile marine grade stainless steel mesh and extruded heavy duty tempered aluminum frame so a criminal can’t cut or bash their way through. SecuraView security screens deter home invasions while allowing you to maintain a stylish home.

SecuraView screens prevent child fall deaths. Every year curious children are seriously hurt and even killed as a result of simply wanting to look outside. Traditional window screens are not secure and easily fall out of place well bumped by a child hoping to get a better view of the outside. Protect your children from a fall and child proof your windows with SecuraView security screens for peace of mind.

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What We Offer

Protection and Peace of Mind without Sacrificing Style and Elegance

The Ability to Protect ANY Type of Door and Window from Unwanted Intruders

Ventilate DAY AND NIGHT without bugs, flies or any pests Entering Your Home

Keep Pets and Children Safe and Secure Inside

Applications & Uses

Single Entry Inswing/Outswing

Double Doors Inswing/Outswing

Sliding Patio Glass Doors

ALL TYPES of Sliding Windows

Casement and Awning Windows

We have tested our products to the limits and here’s what we found!

Knife & Razor Proof
Kick Proof
Batter Proof
Hammer Proof (including sledge)
Break In Proof

Protect from Intruders

Protect from Insects, bugs and pests

Provide unobstructive view

Nature at your doorstep and a cool breeze through your home

UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Customized doors that fit your home, your needs, and your style

Ease of use with quick-release inside locks and optional automatic door closers

10-year warranty

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